E365 Analytics® is a platform independent web application. The service is a powerful decision support for efficient and cost-effective maintenance for our customers. Using the service requires an internet connection. The service is tailored to each customer, and data is available in real time via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Below you’ll find a description on how the service works and what results you can expect.


Data generation

Our service is based on the measurement and maintenance data already available to our customers. No investments required for new measuring stations or different kinds of sensors.

Data acquisition

The first step is to ensure access to all measurement and maintenance data, both historical data and real-time data. Our service gathers and manages data and information in different formats and structures.

Data integration

In this step, data is integrated from relevant sensors and protocols. Linkages and relationships between data and information are made. The information is structured to be analysed.

Data processing

Next comes validation, as all information should be linked to, for example, locomotives, wagons, axles, wheels, and components. Using advanced algorithms, we filter measurement errors and noise in all data and information.

Data analysis

Statistics and time series are analysed and compared with the maintenance and saftey levels. We forecast remaining useful life (RUL) and the need for preventive maintenance.

Maintenance operations are synchronized and optimized. Everything happens in real time and updates occur as new data comes in.

Data visualization

The data that appears in the analysis is visualized according to customer specification, what the customer wants to see and how it should be presented so that it best suits the organization’s needs. The visualization (of the results) occurs in real time, and means that the customer constantly has access to accurate (updated) information.

Decision making

As our customer, you have a powerful decision support tool for planning and control of maintenance related to remaining useful lifetime (RUL). You get a maintenance strategy that increases reliability, availability and profitability.

Expected results

-Increased reliability and availability

-Reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX)

-Decreased maintenance costs (OPEX)



eMaintenance365 is growing!

We are pleased to welcome our two new employees Daniel Olsson and Elin Johansson.

We are pleased to welcome our two new employees Daniel Olsson and Elin Johansson.

Daniel joined our team on September 1, 2018 as a Soulution developer. Hes has recently graduated with a Higher Education Diploma in Computer engineering.

Elin started her employment November 12, 2018 as a Data Scientist . She has previously worked as a teacher in mathematics, physics and programming. She has a MSC in Engineering Physics and a Licentiate in Applied Mathematics.


New share issue at eMaintenance365 opens up for new business

Business is good at eMaintenance365 AB. An increasing number of customers are interested in the company’s services and products. For this reason, a new share issue is carried out together with the investment companies Treac AB and Partnerinvest Norr AB. The new shared ownership gives eMaintenance365 financial means that, during the next years, make a both welcome and necessary expansion possible.

        The success in the last two years has led to business agreements with among others LKAB, CargoNet, Norrtåg, Hector Rail and most recently VTG, Europe’s  largest railway wagon owner. This according to Bengt Jonsson, CEO of eMaintenance365. We are very pleased to conclude agreements with Treac and Partnerinvest, two sound and competent investors. The new share issue enables us to increase the pace in our international business and contacts.

 Treac AB is a family governed investment company with its roots in Skellefteå. Since the start 17 years ago Treac AB has invested in smaller unlisted companies, mainly in the counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten. The result is a group of ten completely or partly owned companies, divided into the two lines Treac Industri and Treac Innovation.

         eMaintenance365 is a successful, relatively newly started company that fits well into our investment strategy, says Lina Ådin, Deputy CEO of Treac AB. In the last few years, the international market has started showing great interest in the solutions that eMaintenance365 offers and we are gladly contributing to the company’s continuous success.

 Partnerinvest Norr AB concentrates on investing in unlisted growth companies in northern Sweden and was founded in 2010 by Norrlandsfonden and Almi Invest. Partnerinvest always invests together with one or more private investors.

         eMaintenance365 has already achieved great success in the market and we can see that the company shows great potential for its products and services in the global market, says Stefan Lundblom at Partnerinvest.


Nyemission i eMaintenance365 öppnar för nya affärer

Det går bra för eMaintenance365 AB. Fler och fler kunder efterfrågar företagets tjänster och produkter. Därför genomförs nu en nyemission tillsammans med investmentbolagen Treac AB och PartnerInvest Norr AB. Den nya ägarkonstellationen ger eMaintenance365 finansiella resurser som möjliggör en välkommen och nödvändig expansion under de närmaste åren.

        Framgångarna de två senaste åren har lett fram till affärsavtal med bland andra LKAB, norska Cargonet, Norrtåg, Hector Rail och nu senast tyska VTG, Europas enskilt största vagnsägare, säger Bengt Jonsson, CEO på eMaintenance365. Vi är mycket nöjda med att ha slutit avtal med Treac och ParnterInvest, två stabila och kompetenta investerare. Nyemissionen gör att vi kan öka takten i våra internationella affärer och kontakter.

 Treac AB är ett familjestyrt investmentbolag med rötter i Skellefteå. Sedan starten för sjutton år sedan har Treac AB investerat i mindre onoterade företag i främst Västerbotten och Norrbotten. I företagsgruppen ingår idag tio hel- eller delägda bolag fördelade på verksamhetsgrenarna Treac Industri och Treac Innovation.

         eMaintenance365 är ett framgångsrikt, relativt nystartat företag som passar väl in i vår investeringsstrategi, säger Lina Ådin, vice VD för Treac AB. De senaste åren har den internationella marknaden börjat visa stort intresse för de lösningar som eMaintenance365 kan erbjuda och vi vill gärna vara med och bidra till företagets fortsatta framgångar.

 PartnerInvest Norr är inriktade på investeringar i onoterade tillväxtföretag i norra Sverige, grundades 2010 av Norrlandsfonden och Almi Invest. Partnerinvest investerar alltid tillsammans med en eller flera privata investerare.

 -eMaintenance365 har redan nått stora framgångar på marknaden och vi ser att företaget har en stark potential för sina tjänster och produkter på en stor internationell marknad, säger Stefan Lundblom på Partnerinvest.