eMaintenance365 is an innovative academic spin-off company from the research conducted at Luleå university of Technology in close collaboration with the industry. The company was founded in November 2013, as direct result from more than 10 years of research in the fields of eMaintenance, operation and maintenance engineering, and control systems.

Our mission is to enable sustainable operation and maintenance in industry, through provision of advanced analytics services for decision support.

Our vision is to empower Smart Industry to see into the future.

We believe that Big Data Analytics is a necessity evolution for the digitilised industry in the future. Hence, our innovations are delivered as cloud-based analytics services for decision-support in operation and maintenance processes. Our services can be utilised to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of diagnostics, prognostics, and the process of prescription.

Our owners/steering board consists of individuals with extensive knowledge and experiences from academia and industry. The combination of academic and industrial understanding give us the necessary tools to innovations, which adds value for customers and their customers.